South West Cycling Time Trials

SWDC 2019

SWD Championships '25'

Change of date

Despite the valiant efforts of organiser James Hadfield, the open '25' had to be cancelled last Sunday because of the poor weather conditions. This was designated as the SWD Championships for 2018.
The SWD Championships will now be transferred to Exeter Wheelers open '25' on Sunday 26th August on the S4/25 course. Time to get your entries in now, if you haven't already entered.
[Monday 13 August 2018]

To Race Organisers

Race numbers missing from a set?

Does your club have a set of race numbers with just a few missing? It's really annoying and very expensive to replace them. In fact, almost as expensive as buying a complete new set.

However, there is a firm in Devon who will provide replacements of missing numbers very cheaply at about £2 each.

AJ Bespoke Printing
9 Linden Road
Oak Park
EX15 1TE

More details from Ken Robertson, if you need them.

[Thursday 1 March 2018]

Cornwall Open TTs 2018 Alert

Is your club organising an open race in 2018?

Hi Cornish Club TT Secs,

This is to let you know that the Camel Valley C & T.C.will be putting on only 1 Type “A” (open)TT in 2018. It is intended to be over 10 miles on the S6/10 (Tresillian Valley) and subject to date approval on 3rd June. It is still their intention to put on a number of Type “B” (club) events.

You are being given advance notice of this so you can pull together and see how best to fill the void that had occurred in the past few years from the time when the club put on up to 6 Type “A” events. Some of the short fall was met by a take up from the St Austell Wheelers. If we are to avoid gaps in the season especially at the prime time then some serious thought is needed on how to tackle the issue. The time for this thinking is NOW and not by the wringing of hands at the date fixing meeting on Sunday 24th September.

Ken R

I can think of at least 2 clubs in Cornwall who's riders ride in open races, but have have not promoted an open race this year. In 2017 we had 13 open races, compared with 21 the previous year. Come on guys, we need every club to make a contribution

Tony F
[Sunday 10 September 2017]

Introduction to Running Successful TTs

Saturday 9th September

The South West District Committee is concerned over the number of the Type “A” events, open, that are being promoted in the South West District. The Committee is also aware that some clubs put on a disproportionate number of these events compared to other clubs. Additionally among the current promoting clubs the same people have been putting on time trials for many years. Perhaps they would like another club member to take over albeit with their guidance but feel embarrassed to ask or they are press-ganged to do it year in, year out.

To address this it has been agreed that we should run a half-day session where experienced event promoters can go through what is required to put on a successful time trial whether it is an open event or one designed to cater solely for a club’s members with limited invitations being made available to others i.e. Type “B”. To that end you are invited to nominate from your membership anyone who would benefit from attending and will be interested in running time trials in 2018 and beyond.

The session will be at the Meldon Village Hall, EX20 4LU on Saturday 9th September, 2017. The hall is on the moorland side of the new and old A30 some 3 miles west of Okehampton and 1 mile east of the A30/A386 junction. The hall will open at 09:15 and we anticipate it will be all done and dusted by 12:30. Light refreshments will be available.

There is no charge.
Please confirm the names of attendees as soon as possible.
We do not want to run short of biscuits!

Agenda: -
• Welcome. MG
• Getting the commitment of your club. KR
• Applying for the event and checking you are getting what you want. KR/MS
• Selecting a course. KR
• Resources offered by CTT & asking for help. LM/MS
• Adhering to the risk assessment. KR
• Booking HQ and Timekeepers KR
• Notification to the authorities – police, highways and Cycling Time Trials. KR
• As entries arrive. LM
• Preparation of the start sheet – front page. LM
• Starting order. MS
• The days before. MS
• On the day. MS
• Preparing the result sheet. LM
• Paying the race levy. LM
• Coping with an incident or suspected breach of regulations. KR/MS
• Thanks and Closure. MG
[Tuesday 5 September 2017]

Timekeeper's Course

Good morning,

In recent days I have received requests for a timekeeper’s course to be run later this year. Phil Burrows has kindly offered to lead one should there be sufficient interest. To that end please will you circulate an open invitation to anyone in your club / team who would like to attend and put something back into the sport.

The course duration is around 3 hours. It will include a practical session. At the moment the day, date and the venue is open. The date will probably be a Saturday in October or November. The venue will be dependent on who has put their name forward as we will try and locate it such that travel is minimised. Given due notice we will try and round up some spare watches.

As usual if you are no longer the club contact please forward to the new incumbent and also tell me so I can amend my records.

Kind regards

Ken Roberston
[Saturday 22 July 2017]

Harvey Alford Obituary

Harvey Alford died on Friday 23rd June in the R.D. & E Hospital having been admitted earlier that day suffering with angina. Harvey was well into his 90s.
He started cycling during World War 2 and joined the Mid-Devon Road Club as it was the only active club in the area. The rest were more or less moribund till hostilities ceased. When he came of age for active service he reported to the recruiting centre. Despite being fit for the military he was one of those who ‘lost the ballot’ and was instead told he would have to work as a Bevin Boy. This meant he was sent to South Wales to work in the coal mines. As well as fighting men the country needed coal to drive the power stations.
He was billeted with the family whose son held the Welsh 25 mile record – probably a 1 hour 3 minute time. In his first time trial in Wales Harvey smashed it by nearly 3 minutes. Unfortunately Harvey then contracted pneumonia and was sent home. He returned to racing with the Mid-Devon RC winning the WAJ Best Memorial 25 in 1946 in 1 hour 4 minutes 28 seconds. He repeated his win in 1948 but was 48 seconds quicker.
As he lived in Exminster and the Exeter Wheelers were then back in action he joined them during the non-racing season. He retained the WAJ Best Cup improving yet again 46 seconds. He failed to win it in 1949 but won again in 1950 with a time of 1 hour 2 minutes and 27 seconds. This 4 year set of wind puts him tp of the table for winners of this cup
He was a frequent winner setting course records along the way. In the early 1950s he stopped racing only to return in 1958 riding for the newly formed Exe Valley CRC and rode for them for some years before the club folded.
One Sunday when I was a relative novice Harvey started 2 minutes behind me. At the 10 mile mark he came by only to puncture soon afterwards. I continued only to be passed some 800 yards before the finish. Harvey had changed to front tubular, pumped it up and still did a time of 1 hour 2 minutes. This was probably only 5 minutes behind the winner.
When Geoff Warren started up the Heron Racing Club / Cyclerama he joined them to serve as their treasurer. As a veteran was nearly always the winner of the veteran’s prize. He was such a regular winner he deemed it an affront to his dignity if he was ever beaten.
When the Heron RC folded he joined the Camel Valley C & TC club as he was often in Cornwall in his caravan for extended weekends with his wife Mary. The time in the caravan got longer when he retired from his job as a salesman for car parts.
When retired and at home he used to go out on the same morning ride from Exminster to Dawlish Warren, back to Starcross, up the road towards Mamhead to turn before the Black Forest Lodge. It was then home after circling the Matford Roundabout – a distance of 25 miles and you could set your watch by him as he pedalled along so smoothly in his aged Heron RC top.
Harvey’s funeral is on Tuesday 11th July at the St Paul’s Chapel of the Exeter Crematorium.
Harvey leaves a wife Mary and we send her our condolences.

[Thursday 6 July 2017]

Police Notification Forms 2017

To Cornish Club TT Secretaries

This is to advise you that at the moment all PNFs for time trials held on roads in Cornwall have to go to David Trowt. David is currently sick so you may not get any replies. Please can you cascade this to any of your club members who are putting on time trials in the county during 2017.

To keep you abreast of what is happening in Devon our contact, Mark Goulding, is retiring on 3/02 and will be on leave for much of the intervening time. I am trying to find out who is to receive the PNFs for the Devon TTs and when I do I will circulate the clubs so affected.

Kind regards

Ken R
[Wednesday 4 January 2017]

Final Reminder for SWDC Subscriptions

Is your club affiliated for 2017?

Good afternoon,

As per article 7.3 of CTT Articles of Association, page 69 of the 2016 handbook – see below – payment for each ensuing year is due on or before December 31st. From the SW DC records your club does not appear to have paid up for 2017. As it is December 12th today I thought it prudent to send this final reminder to the 30 or so clubs that have yet to pay. I think that the number outstanding is something of a record for the SW DC.

The subscriptions and advertising fees are due on 1st October in respect of the ensuing year. Affiliated clubs shall be deemed to have resigned from the Company if the subscription is unpaid on 31st December. Such clubs upon re-applying for affiliation to the Company before 1st October of the following year shall pay a re-joining fee of £20 in addition to the annual subscription

I attach the relevant form. You can se that you can pay by cheque (payee stated) or by BACS (again the codes are stated). If it is the intention of the club not to renew your CTT affiliation then please let myself and Lynn know as that will save us time and effort.


Ken Robertson

P.S. If you are no longer the contact then please tell us as both Lynn and I failed in our telepathy finals. Additionally pass the message on to the new incumbent.
[Monday 12 December 2016]

South West TT Races 2017

There is now a provisional list of open races for 2017 on the Races/Calendar page. Please let me know if you spot any mistakes.
Not long now before I start reminding you about club affiliations to SWDC, SWBAR, Devon Cup and Cornish Cup for 2017. Please make every effort to make sure your club fees are paid on time - it avoids disappointment for riders and time wasted by the organisers of the competitions. Happy training.
[Monday 5 December 2016]

Thoughts on 2016 National Council

In advance of the SW DC Delegate Instruction Meeting (Sunday 20th November) here are my thoughts on the National Report, agenda and timetable.

The start time of the meeting on Sunday is 09:30. This is 30 minutes earlier than in 2015 but it is still very late in my book. It used to be 09:00. There is to be an Open Forum commencing at 16:15 with no end date. I have advised the National Secretary that the SW Delegates will be leaving at 16:00. His view was that most items are not contentious and the meeting will end sooner than the planned time so the Forum may well be able to be fitted in and conclude by 16:00. Please can we have the support of the Delegate Instruction Meeting to leave at 16:00?

Annual Report: -
Finances – Page 3, RH column, of the report tells us that the previous financial year CTT had a surplus of £51,000 and in the year being reported this had dropped to £2,000. Approximately 50% of this is a reduction of £26k on club event levies. The other 50% is due to other reasons.
What steps have the Board put in place and or will put in place to redress the balance?

Champion’s Night – An opportunity seems to have been missed to give advanced publicity to the forthcoming Champion’s Night. It would have been good to advise on the venue, date and guest of honour. All of this has been planned by the Board and can therefore legitimately be reported on.

National Championships – It is disappointing to me that the paragraphs thanking the clubs and organisations that ran National Championships have not been named and received due thanks for their efforts. It used to be a feature of National Reports but seems to have been dropped in recent years. (The National Secretary is checking to see when this paragraph was dropped).
Can we ask that it is reinstated and also due credit is given to those who were responsible for the championships in 2016?

Item 7 – District Council Meetings
As this was item 8 in 2015 once the motion has been proposed and seconded unless anyone has anything additional to say “Move to vote”.

Item 13 – Definition of Events
Regulation 3 (page 337)
Amend to read as follows: -
An “Event” under the Company’s Regulations is a cycle time trial between riders
a) on the open road where the starting intervals is not less than one minute nor more than 30 minutes
b) On a road closed to all other traffic where the starting interval can be 30 seconds and no greater than 30 minutes.
This amendment clearly separates the time trials on the open road and those where the course is closed to all traffic other than those in competition more clearly than the original proposal.

Item 14 – Who may compete
Regulation 7 (page 338)
Please can the meeting be told how clubs south of the border cater for riders from Scotland who are not members of clubs affiliated to the Scottish District Council but wish to ride in a CTT event while say on holiday or on business in England or Wales?
The SW DC is sure that the clubs in the Scottish District can manage the situation for those in their area of control.

Item 16 – Entry to Events
Regulation 11 (c) (page 340)
Line 1 of the proposal, amend to read: -
A completed form signed by the parent or guardian …………
The use of the phrase “prescribed form(s)” is tortology and can be safely removed. The previous paragraph defined the form(s) to be used.
Item 20 – Signing on Sheet
Regulation 17 (page 342) – second paragraph
Delete the words “either during the event or within a reasonable time after the last rider has finished.” And add i) and ii) as below
The paragraph will then read: -
“In type A events a competitor must return to the event HQ and:-
i) Return their race number(s)
ii) Sign the official Signing Out sheet

h (i) Amend the title to “At the HQ”
Leave the rest of the wording as is.

Add a new “j” and title “At the start” then renumber the current (ii), (iii) and (v) (i), (ii) and (iii)

Clarification of the current proposal to segregate the pre-race signing of the form(s) and the activity at the start line

If you have not already heard I have had a few health setbacks and feel that it is best if I do not drive to and from National Council. I have spoken with Chris Barretto and he is willing to be the driver.

Ken Robertson
[Monday 14 November 2016]

Timekeepers Training Session

Saturday 15th October

As the years go by we are all getting older. This applies to the timekeepers who do such an invaluable job of work in ensuring that we run our events in the South West as smoothly as possible. Timekeepers are in short supply and we need younger members to step up and volunteer to undertake this rewarding role. For a number of years we have run a 3 hour (or so) session where we go through the requirements for timing events and the protocols to be followed so that there is minimum negative feed back after each time trial.
To that end it is intended to run a session lasting about 3 hours on Saturday 15th October at the Village Hall, Rattery, TQ10 9LD, starting at 09:30. There will be no charge. Light refreshments will be available. After the theory side there will be an opportunity for some practical work so if at all possible bring along any stop watches that you can muster from the club or from the already established timekeepers.

Please can you circulate this to you club members via whatever social media you use by preference as a request of people to step forward and fill this role for your club and the SW in general

Many thanks

Ken Robertson
[Tuesday 13 September 2016]

Important - Open Time Trials 2017

SWDC Date Fixing Meeting - Sunday 25th September

Good morning SW DC CTT Club Secretaries and also 2016 open TT promoters.

Please see the attached papers calling the AGM and before that the SW 2017 Open TT date fixing meetings. I have also attached the 2016 programme updated to the same weekend or mid-week dates for the 2017 calendar. The date of Easter has changed considerably, by around 3 weeks, but that has been fed in.

I have attached my Annual Report and if there is anything of importance I will add to it and issue closer to the day and or bring the additional information to the meeting. Feel free to circulate any of the papers via social media. As I am not a contributor to social media do not expect to me respond to comments. If there are comments I am more than happy t reply to the authors by e-mail.

The attendance at recent AGMs has been pitiful. It is your sport and you should have more than a passing interest in its running. The meeting will follow the running of what ought to be a popular event – a 10 mile TT run by Revo Racing – so please do not just turn up race, drink tea shrug your shoulders and walk away an avoid the meeting.

Ken Robertson
[Tuesday 26 July 2016]

District Championships and Conditions

Notes for club organisers

It was agreed in 2003 that:-
1. There would be District Championships at 10, 25 and 50 miles plus a Sporting event.
2. The only riders eligible for the Championships would be members of clubs affiliated to clubs in the South West District. Competitors riding in these events and not belonging to South West District affiliated clubs would still be eligible for other awards provided by the promoting club.
3. Promoting clubs, in accepting the invitation to promote a District Championship, would have to award a minimum number of RTTC District medals. If they wished they could award additional medals and prizes.
4. The medals would be awarded to the first SWDC rider in the following categories:- first overall, first lady, first veteran on age standard, fastest team of three from the same club, first junior and first juvenile. N.B.The award for junior and juvenile would not be awarded at 50 miles. Presentation would be at the HQ and immediately after the race.
5 The team prize would be based upon aggregate time
6 Clubs would be responsible for paying for their own medals awarded at their event

The District Treasurer would procure the medals from the National Secretary and pass them on to the promoting clubs.
[Wednesday 6 July 2016]

National 50 Miles Time Trial Championships

Sunday 12th June

Organised by Sean Childs and RNRMCA. To be held in the South West District on S3/50, an out-and-back course in South Devon.
A chance to compare yourself with the best in the country, as well as an additional opportunity to clock a fast time for the South West Best All Rounder.
[Saturday 12 March 2016]

National 3-up Team Time Trial Championships

Sunday 5th June 2016

HQ Hatherleigh Community Centre, Devon.
Free parking in public car park within 100 metres.

33 miles 3-up TTT for Seniors
22 miles 2-up TTT for Juveniles.

Route: Hatherleigh A3072 towards Holsworthy. Pass Beara Cross to start 11.5 miles circuit. At Dunsland Cross turn left A3079 to Halwill Junction. At round-a-bout turn left, first exit, onto Station Road. Continue to Chilla Road and Beara Cross. Repeat circuit (Juveniles 1 circuit only) and return to Hatherleigh on A3072.

National awards and district awards by MDCC (medals) for 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams and 1st Over 40, Over 50 and Women.
[Wednesday 9 March 2016]