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Cornish Cup News 2020

St Austell Wheelers (Anthony Green, Nick French, Mark Smejkal, Jason McGowan) 1st Team 2016 Sandy Gourley Winner Men's Cornish Cup 2016
Penzance Wheelers (Sandy Gourley, Tom Gilbert, Sol Warwick, Garry McCallum) 1st Team 2015

Clubs affiliated for 2020

BCR Racing - Lanhydrock Wheelers - Mid Cornwall Cycling Club - Newquay Velo - One and All Cycling - Penzance Wheelers CC - St Austell Whs CC - Tri Logic Cornwall - Wheal Velocity -

Cornish Cup 2019

Awards Presentation 2019

Congratulations to everyone who qualified this year. As previously advertised, the presentation will take place after the 4-up team time trial on Sunday 15th September at Lanivet Community Hall. If you cannot be present, will you please arrange for someone to collect your award as I have limited storage space at home.

Overall Men
1 Sandy Gourley PZW
2 Leon Malpass PZW
3 James Hadfield GH

Overall Women
1 Rose Willis SAW
2 Anna Cullen TL
3 Martina Geraghty PZW

Men's Team PZW Sandy Gourley Kevin Dawson Anthony Green

Women's Team NQ

Men V40
1 Sandy Gourley

Men V45

Men V50
1 Andrew Smith
2 Darren Lanyon
3 John Morse

Men Vet 55

Men Vet 60
1 Peter Maker
2 Peter Blackshaw
3 Ed Trezona-Phillips

Women Vet 40
1 Rose Willis
2 Anna Cullen

Women Vet 45
1 Martina Geraghty

Women V50

Women V55

Women V60

[Monday 9 September 2019]

Cornish Cup Changes

Reduced counting races

In view of the cancellation of two open races earlier this year, it seems fair and reasonable to reduce the number of qualifying races for awards from 8 to 7. If there are further cancellations, then this will be reviewed again. So, remember, to qualify for an award you must now have completed a minimum of 7 races as well as beating other riders in your age category.
[Thursday 20 June 2019]

Cornish Cup 2019 Subscriptions Now Due

Subscriptions are now due. Only 6 weeks to go before the first Cornish Cup race of 2019, The Mid Cornwall Cycling Club Open 21 miles TT on the S6/21S on Sunday 3rd March. The other counting races for 2019 are listed on the website at and the rules can be found at

If you wish to take part in this competition, please remind your club TT secretary to make sure that your club is affiliated by either sending a cheque for £15 payable to Antony Farnell at Flat 1, Trevethan Court, Mitchell Road, Falmouth, TR11 2UQ or making a bank transfer (email or message me for details).

[Friday 1 February 2019]

Cornish Cup 2018

Final rankings

Final rankings for this year are now published. Please note that as the final race was cancelled, I have reduced the number of qualifying races from 10 to 9 to compensate for this, as laid down in the rules.
Can you all please check your scores and let me know in the next week if you spot any errors. I intend to publish the list of award winners and order the awards next week and once the order has gone in it will be too late to make any changes.
[Monday 13 August 2018]

Cornish Cup 2018 - Affiliations

Now due

Club affiliations for the 2018 competition are now due. The fee is £15 per club. Clubs may pay by cheque, payable to AK Farnell and sent to 3 Lambs Lane, Falmouth, TR11 2JL, or by bank transfer (message me for details), deadline 28th February. If you are a competitor, please remind you club treasurer/secretary to do this promptly, and check that they have done it. Please note, you can only score points in races from the date upon which your club is affiliated.
[Sunday 28 January 2018]

Cornish Cup Awards Presentation 2017

Thursday 19th October at 19:00

At the The Old Alehouse, Quay Street, Truro, TR1 2HD.
We have a room booked, plenty of real ale available, and a load of awards to present. All Cornish TT riders welcome for an end of season social. Award winners are listed below.
[Monday 9 October 2017]

Cornish Cup Awards 2017

Here are the awards for this season. The expanded awards list runs to 27 thanks to the generous sponsorship of Giant Helston, who are also sponsoring this website.

Note that there are a number of categories in which there are no qualifiers (NQ) for an award, as the rules clearly stipulate that the designated minimum number of races must have been completed, in keeping with one of the prime aims of the competition, which is to encourage participation in Cornish open races.

Overall Men
1 Tim McEvoy CVCTC, 2 Sandy Gourley PZW, 3 Gary Fouracres SAW

Overall Women
1 Martina Geraghty PZW, 2 Rose Willis SAW, 3 Rebecca Campbell PZW

Vet 40
1 Sandy Gourley PZW, 2 James Hadfield GH, 3 Garry McCallum PZW

Vet 45
1 Steve Alford SAW, 2 Damian Ayling PZW, 3 Steve Smith BCR

Vet 50
1 Gary Fouracres SAW, 2 John Fazakerley PZW, 3 NQ

Vet 55
1 NQ, 2 NQ, 3 NQ

Vet 60
1 Ed Trezona-Phillips GH, 2 Peter Blackshaw PZW, 3 NQ

Junior Man

Junior Woman


Men's Team St Austell Wheelers
Joe Healey, Jason McGowan, Mark Smejkal

Women's Team St Austell Wheelers
Deb Grills, Rose Willis, Francesca Parker

Best Newcomer Men
William Ginieres PZW

Best Newcomer Women

Most Improved Man
James Hadfield GH

Most Improved Woman
Martina Geraghty PZW

5 Robin Riches LW, 13 Harry Slade PZW
[Monday 4 September 2017]

Cornish Cup 2017

Latest rankings after rounds 10 and 11 now on the Cornish Cup rankings page. Martina Geraghty now leads the women, just ahead of defending champion Rose Willis, with Rebecca Campbell in 3rd place. Similarly, Tim McEvoy leads 6 times defending champion Sandy Gourley, with newcomer William Ginieres in 3rd position.
Garry McCallum leads the rest of the Vet 40-44 category, Steve Alford the Vet 45-49, Gary Fouracres the Vet 50-54, Chris Harper the Vet 55-59 and Ed Trezona-Phillips the Vet 60+.
How about some nominations for the new prizes provided by Giant Helston for best newcomer, man and Woman, and most improved man and woman. Just a reminder though, to claim any award you must have completed at least 8 qualifying races by the end of the season.
[Tuesday 27 June 2017]

New Website, New Sponsorship

Thank you Giant Helston

Giant Helston have generously agreed to sponsor the South West Time Trials website and the Cornish Cup.
This means that we now have our own web hosting with Fasthosts and our own domain name, The website will continue to support the South West Best All Rounder and Devon Cup competitions, as well as providing results, rankings and and other south west time trial information and news.
The sponsorship will also allow for extra Cornish Cup awards at the end of the 2017 season. At the moment I am considering something like best newcomer man and woman, and most improved man and woman. You may have better ideas? If so, please contact me as soon as possible.
[Tuesday 11 April 2017]

URGENT - Cornish Cup 2017 - URGENT

Less than one week to pay

Seven clubs have affiliated so far - Giant Helston, Mid Cornwall CC, Penzance Wheelers, St Austell Wheelers, Bike Chain Ricci, Newquay Velo and One & All. The first race is on Sunday 5th March. If you want to score points in this race I must receive your £15 fee before that date.
[Thursday 2 March 2017]

Cornish Cup Awards Presentation for 2016

at 13:00 on Sunday 5th March

The awards for 2016 have now arrived. The presentation will take place after the St Austell Wheelers Open 21 TT on Sunday 5th March at 13:00 at the Britannia Inn, Par, where the SAW BikeFest 17 event is taking place. If you are in the awards list for 2016, please make every to attend.
[Thursday 2 March 2017]

Cornish Cup Affiliation Fees 2017

Urgent - Now Due

If you wish to be included in the Cornish Cup for 2017, you need to make sure that (a) your club is affiliated to the SWDC for 2017 AND (b) your club TT secretary has paid the £15 Cornish Cup fee. The Cornish Cup fee should be sent to Tony Farnell, 3 Lambs Lane, Falmouth, TR11 2JL, cheques payable to Tony Farnell. The first race is on Sunday 5th March, where the awards for 2016 will be presented. Please note that any races that you do while your club is not affiliated will not count towards your final score, so fees are required promptly before 5th March. Please check that your club secretary has done this.
[Tuesday 20 December 2016]

Cornish Cup Awards 2016

Overall Men
1 Sandy Gourley
2 Tim McEvoy
3 Gary Fouracres

Overall Women
1 Rose Willis
2 Rebecca Campbell
3 N/Q

V40 Jason Mcgowan
V45 Nick French
V50 Gary Fouracres
V55 Peter Maker
V60 N/Q



Mens Team
St Austell Wheelers Antony Green, Nick French, Mark Smejkal, Jason McGowan

Womens Team
St Austell Wheelers Deb Grills, Rose Willis, Francesca Parker, Emma Roberts

N/Q = No Qualifier - in keeping with the ethos of the Cornish Cup, to encourage the greatest possible number of riders in Cornish open races, to qualify for an award the minimum 10 qualifying races must have been completed.
[Tuesday 11 October 2016]

Cornish Cup Team Race 2016

St Austell Wheelers Open 4-up 25 Miles TTT

After 7 successive Cornish Cup team championships, Penzance Wheelers are finally knocked off their pedestal by St Austell Wheelers, who also take the women's team race.

1. St Austell Wheelers - Grills, Willis, Parker, Roberts - 1:11:10
2. Lanhydrock Wheelers - Willows, Knowledon, Paul, Ishikawa - 1:11:32
3. Penzance Wheelers - Geraghty, Campbell, Keverne - 1:13:35

1. St Austell Wheelers - Green, French, Smejkal, McGowan - 52:54
2, Penzance Wheelers - Ginieres, Butt, Gourley, McCallum - 55:09
3. - Tonkin, Lewis, Hadfield, Pickering - 55:45
4. Lanhydrock Wheelers - Miners, Dransfield, Riches, McEvoy - 56:27
5. St Austell Wheelers - Vincent, Guest, Styles, Eaves - 58:15
6. - Leslie, Ellis, Lobb, Dominguez - 1:00:07
7. St Austell Wheelers - Inglefield, Craddock, Williams, Duncan - 1:04:51
8. St Austell Wheelers - Orton, Wiltshire, Walker, Jarvis - 1:06:21
9. Lanhydrock Wheelers - Rowe, Hancock, Weir, Jones - 1:08:23
[Sunday 11 September 2016]

Cornish Cup Awards Presentation for 2015

Sunday 17th April at PZW Open 10 TT

The awards have now arrived. As you know, I was not able to present the 2015 awards as originally planned, but as I now have them, and most of the winners are on the start sheet on Sunday 20th April, the presentation will take place immediately after the race. If you are unable to be present, please nominate someone to receive the award on your behalf. Awards winners are:

1st Man - Sandy Gourley PZW
2nd Man - Tom Gilbert PZW
3rd Man - Tim McEvoy LW

1st Woman - Heidi Thomas DRT

1st Junior - Luke Craddock SAW

1st Vet 40 - Paul Friday CL
1st Vet 45 - Nick French SAW
1st Vet 50 - Gary Fouracres SAW
1st Vet 55 - Peter Blackshaw PZW
1st Vet 60 - Robert Graves PZW

1st Team - PZW (Sandy Gourley, Tom Gilbert, Sol Warwick, Garry McCallum)
[Thursday 14 April 2016]

Affiliation Fees for 2016 Now Due

Club secretaries please send cheque for £15 payable to A K Farnell if you wish your club to participate this year. As I am late with this reminder I shall assume that all Cornish clubs are going to affiliate and draw up the ranking lists accordingly. However, riders of clubs who have not affiliated by the end of March will subsequently be removed from the rankings.
Current affiliations are shown below.
[Wednesday 2 March 2016]